Smart Card Glossary

Smart card glossary

A smart card is a physical identity representation of information for generating, managing, and sharing digital credentials. These embedded chips can provide a wide range of solutions, from digital certificates to building access key cards or network log-in. As a result, smart cards are widely used in the enterprise world for securing corporate, government, and […]

Smart Cards are the Future: Rising Demand across Industries.

Smart cards are the future

The rapid development of digital technologies is propelling the growth of the smart card market, which is estimated to reach USD 16.9 Billion by 2026. Because of higher demand from governments, financial institutions, and retailers, the industry demand for various kinds of smart cards is skyrocketing. Surveys estimate that by 2023, more than 4 billion […]

Dual Interface Smart Cards Promise Security & High-performance

Dual interface smart cards promise security and high performance

Dual interface smart cards are widespread in many industries, including telecommunications, BFSI, retail marketing, and many more. Dual interface smart cards are becoming increasingly popular as the semiconductor industry continues to develop and innovate. Wi-Fi enabled smart cards that support contactless transactions are among the best examples of card innovation. Additionally, the recent focus on […]

Dual-interface & Hybrid Smart Cards – Everything You Need to Know

Dual-interface and hybrid smart cards

Hybrid cards do not communicate between their contact and contactless components. As a result, the two chips are managed separately, making it impossible to update them both simultaneously. In markets where higher security applications are required and where the cards must be used for multiple purposes, dual-interface cards are becoming more popular.

History of Digital Payments in India

Evolution of contactless payments in India

History of Digital Payments in India The last few years have seen significant innovation in India’s payment ecosystem. As a result of the demand for more secure and faster payments, digital payments have grown exponentially in popularity and acceptance. With that, key factors contributing to their adoption have enhanced the payment’s ability to provide a […]

How e-SIM Solutions can Resolve your Connectivity Needs?


How e-SIM Solutions can Resolve your Connectivity Needs? Technology is redefining the premise of interconnected lifestyle, evolving from essential mobility solutions to hyper-connectivity in the Internet of Things. As a result, the use of connected devices is steadily expanding, and the GSMA estimates that by 2023, mobile connections will account for around 4.8 per cent […]

Sneak-peek into India’s Largest SmartCards Expo 2021 – A short report

India's Largest SmartCards Expo 2021

Sneak-peek into India’s Largest SmartCards Expo 2021 – A Short Report About SmartCards Expo The SmartCards Expo, launched in 1999, is India’s only trade fair that aims to expand industry opportunities of smart card application in diverse areas like finance, healthcare, Transit, telecom and more. This year, the SmartCards Expo was organized at India’s fintech […]

How smart are Smart Cards? Can smart cards really protect your sensitive data?

The world’s future rests on advanced technological solutions that span over and covers almost everything under the purview of utility and convenience. Diverse industries like travel, health care, banking system, retail experiences, connectivity, transport are already enjoying numerous benefits that enhance user satisfaction and promote a dynamic security system verification of identity and data safety. […]

New Age ID Cards

In the digital era, cutting edge technological progress is rapidly evolving to offer robust solutions to everyday human challenges. Digitized solutions are the new norm – and as ‘smart’ tech transforms, so does our need as a society. Convenience & security is key to existence. Ensuring security and personalization at its best, the smart ID […]