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Smart Security Business

Colorplast™ Systems Pvt. Ltd. is in the smart security business, as a manufacturer and service provider of smart card and solutions. Colorplast™ provides managed services that enable companies to network their products to customers and in turn, provide them with the utmost value.

Colorplast™ generates this value through an integrated systems approach and through its competency on printing and connectivity via smart products.

Incorporated in 2001, Colorplast™ has added various competencies especially in the field of operations management & customer solutions. As part of our strategy, we foresee ourselves to be a leading technology infrastructure company and a valued solutions partner to the global digital industry.

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Quality Objective

To excel in Design, Manufacturing, Personalization and Supply of Security Plastic Cards, Smart Cards, Tags and Inlays assembly to indigenously fulfill the requirement of the smart card industry with world-class products, services and solutions in a secure and clean environment as per stated and implied needs of our customers and interested parties by proper Communication, compliant to all legal & other subscribed requirements with a continual improvement in product quality and customer satisfaction.

The company is committed to providing a safe workplace and a healthy environment for all its employees & associates. The Company ensures that its operations are carried out in a clean & secure place in a manner that protects the environment and community & interested parties in general.

The implementation of the policy will be achieved at all our work areas by:

  • Complying with all applicable legal and other requirements related to Quality & Environment system.
  • Ensuring employee compliance through mandatory training & programs on Quality and Environment awareness.
  • Making the Employees responsible and accountable for all Quality and environmental issues.
  • Providing adequate protection & maintaining safe working environment in all our work area for prevention of pollution.
  • Conservation of natural resources through optimal utilization.
  • Control of air emissions, water discharge, Sound Generation and land contamination.
  • Minimization of waste generation.
  • Create Quality & environment awareness amongst all our employees / business associates, and also make them aware of their roles & responsibilities.
  • Timely review of Objectives to ensure the implementation of Quality & Environment policy.

Our Directors

Rajesh Batra
Chairman & CEO

Rajesh Batra started his career in 1980 into the offset printing industry. As an entrepreneur and visionary, he foresaw the boom of print media in the late 80’s and early 90’s and also its decline with the advent of the digital medium in early 2000. This is when diversification from paper printing into plastic cards took place and Colorplast™ India was born. Rajesh identified Telecom; Banks & Enterprise/Government’s to become big adversaries of such products. In his capacity as Chairman & CEO, Rajesh delivers an uncompromising message to his team to deliver excellence on product quality whilst keeping the macro objective strategy in place for growth.

Ayush Batra
Executive Director

Ayush started working at Colorplast™ in 2007. He is a graduate from the University of London (RHUL–rhul.ac.uk) with a business management degree and has a Post Graduate Degree from IE Business School (www.ie.edu) with specialization in Digital Business. As an Executive looking after Sales, he became involved with strategic acquisition of customers and cross selling of products to diversified businesses involved in our industry. This led to creation of various contracts that have helped Colorplast™ growth in terms of revenue, technology as well as product portfolio. Ayush works closely with the team to establish contracts that yield most value to Colorplast™ and which are in line with the strategic initiatives taken by the management as part of the growth strategy.

Aseem Batra
Executive Director

Aseem started working at Colorplast™ in 2009. He is a graduate from Nottingham University (www.nottingham.ac.uk) with a degree in business management and has a Post Graduate Degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science (www.lse.ac.uk) with a specialization in Management Information Systems. Over the past years, Aseem has gained invaluable experience and training in all functional objectives of the company. He is responsible for establishing company growth strategy, customer relationship management, manufacturing systems, new product development, and human resource management.


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