AetherTM 'USIM/LTE' Card

Colorplast™ presents Aether 'USIM/LTE' Card.
'USIM/LTE' Card is available in ISO, half, and quarter SIM format. 2FF, 3FF, 4FF can be punched onto the sim individually or collectively.

AetherTM 'eSIM Removable'

Colorplast™ presents Aether ‘eSIM Removable' card.
‘eSIM Removable' card is available in ISO card format. High temperature resistant plastics are used for application in devices. Services include eSIM placement in device and multi-IMSI subscription management.

AetherTM 'eSIM Non Removable'

Colorplast™ presents Aether ‘eSIM Non Removable' chip.
‘eSIM Non Removable' chip is available in MFF2 reel form factor. Services include eSIM welding to device and multi-IMSI subscription management.

AetherTM 'Recharge Voucher'

Colorplast™ presents Aether ‘Recharge Voucher'.
‘Recharge Vouchers' are available in ISO and Strip form factors. Customized branding on the scratch panel to add value to the customer. Hidden UV, scrabble patterns, macgreen/macgrey, UV varnish and customised paper boards to add security to the product.

AetherTM 'Services'

Services include SIM personlization, SIM fulfilment and logistics. eSIM services include eSIM embeding to device and multi-IMSI subscription managment.

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