The digital revolution has simplified everyday life by the minute. Technological advancements are not only offering more powerful solutions but also bringing in the reliability factor to life. Like many other verticals, the finance industry is experiencing a revolution by the digital onset. Smart cards are much more than the credit/debit cards we use – they are adding feasibility in both cashless and contactless payments. Based on a report by MarketsandMarkets, the smart card market is estimated to reach $21.57 billion by 2023.

Wondering the reason behind the surge? It’s relatively simple. Made with seal proof microprocessors that can save authentication data, smart cards are the future of the digitized economy. They find their usage in different electronic processes involving data encryption, access control, personal identification and authentication. Using the two-factor authentication (2FA) technology, smart cards give users a secure gateway to efficiently conduct their net payment transactions.

The smart card market in India is booming with technological growth in finance, banking, telecom, retail, healthcare and transport industries. With increased demand, enterprises are continuously seeking steadfast parameters to adopt smart card solutions and personalized services.

D2i Services: A composite of services elevating the life cycle of a smart card.

To assist leading fintech enterprises in scaling up their offering to the customers with a unique experience, we have designed a robust suite of end-to-end services, an all-inclusive design to issuance approach which is both cost-effective and time-efficient. 

Our 360-degree, D2i process offerings are:  

  1. Design advisory services
  2. Manufacturing premium quality Visa, MasterCard & RuPay certified products
  3. Personalization services for Visa, MasterCard & RuPay
  4. Unique all-encompassing print, fabrication & packaging solutions
  5. Specialized Order Fulfilment services
  6. Steadfast dispatch and customized MIS services
  7. Courier & RTO management with a secure storage cum stock management and reprint/re-kit or repack if needed.

We believe that the smart card industry has the power to decrease theft and fraudulence in all domains rapidly. By giving the users the authority, smart cards remain a safe mode for conducting payments, securing data, and maintaining automation. Moreover, the D2i process is specially curated to enhance user experience with personalized designs, brand promotion, text engraving and a variety of other significant industry-first technology and print and packaging solutions.

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