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Astra Series for
smart Payment solutions

Design to Deliver Financial Products & Solutions with our turnkey D2i Services

Colorplast delivers a combination of durability, aesthetics and convenience that is unmatched in the market

We blend design and science into the beautiful art of creating masterpiece payment cards & solutions for banks, neo banks, fin-techs, insurance institutes and other relevant players in the BFSI & Transit sector. As one of the largest certified manufacturers of MasterCard, Visa & RuPay (NPCI) in India, we are proud to offer you a dynamic range of powerful payment card products and solutions, ranging from Contact (EMV), Contactless (Tap & Pay) and Dual Interface – all integrated within the scope of our D2i (Design-2-Issuance) services.

In-house personalisation bureau

Certified by Visa, Mastercard & RuPay.

>50 Million Units

Annual Capacity

125,000 sq.ft.

Manufacturing Space

Design your success stories with our
turnkey D2i services, an industry-first approach

Specialized order fulfilment services.

Dedicated dispatch & customized MIS services.

Courier & RTO management, secure storage, stock management, reprint/re-kit or repack.

Expert design advisory services for card and packaging.

Superior quality manufacturing services of Visa, MasterCard & RuPay certified products, up to 50 Million Units.

Personalization services for Visa, MasterCard & RuPay.

ASTRA - Leverage the power of
secured digital Payment

Presenting eco-safe, scratch-resistant, incredibly reliable and astoundingly beautiful ASTRA series.


A stand-alone choice for merchants, businesses and financial institutes looking for the best quality metal cards, Astra brings an unprecedented level of sophistication and unsurpassed quality to enhance user experience.

Available in titanium, stainless steel and scandium metals


Delight your end-user with our Astra ‘Foil’ card series that represents a new generation of laminated and hot stamp foil cards with enhanced artistic and aesthetic appeal. Sleek and moisture-proof, Astra Foil cards are powered by high-end Swiss precision technology, which means they come with the highest level of security and protection against counterfeit.


If you are looking for a card that looks luxurious, elegant, and uniquely professional, this card is undoubtedly for you. Made of durable certified plastics with a see-through surface, the Astra Translucent card provides you with upscale choices of customizing the graphic design.


Extremely posh and classic, the Astra Metal membrane leaves an indelible impression with its premium look, ease of use and advanced security.

  • Stand-out feature from the crowd.
  • An ultra-premium card with a distinctive coloured edge around the card.
  • The edge provides a luxurious look & feel to the card.

Colorplast has made a giant leap in design language of cards with the introduction of indigenously developed customized Holo-Laminates, with vivid colours and stunning effects. These Holo-Laminates, the first of its kind to be manufactured in India, come with indigenous personalization solutions and R&D facilities. With the rainbow metallic effect, your designs can have that unique premium accent they need to shine out.

Smart payments that empower urban transit

IN MOTION (NCMC) is an inter-operable, one-card solution for multiple transit systems. It aims to provide riders with a seamless and nationally accepted mobility solution by simplifying payment variants for public transport. With this smart card, we are here to revolutionize the future of the urban commuting system.

ASTRA DI CARD - Dual Interface Card

Enjoy hi-performance and convenience with the contactless technology of our new dual-interface ISO/IEC 14443A standard cards that function at a speed of 10,56 MHz.

The breakthrough concept in contact & contactless interfaces combines all the functionalities of EMV Chip & Pin, Tap & Pay for sectors such as Retail, Online Transactions, Public transport ticketing and many more, into one single product. As a result, you benefit from a shorter waiting time and a secure payment method with higher transaction security and a significantly higher degree of comfort for the customer.

ASTRA TOUCH CARD – (Biometric)

Increase customer loyalty with the transformational technology of CONTACT TOUCH, a card that combines the ease of Touch with the unsurpassed second factor authentication of the brilliant biometric fingerprint scanner. No PIN & No fear of transactional breach makes Astra TOUCH the most convenient choice for everyday banking needs.

Available in high-quality plastic (PC75D/PC300S) with an embedded (IP54) fingerprint reader


This card Allows the activation on EMV readers of the Contactless functionality of the card by a simple Press contact by the DI cardholder in a specific area.

Benefits –

  • Avoid theft on contactless transactions via this feature.
  • Augment the perception of the security level by end-users
  • Enhance the customers’ confidence in Contactless payment cards

Offer the highest transactional security with our genuine RFID blocker in sleeve and wallet format. Eliminate the unwanted risk associated with RFID, NFC or BLE scans and empower users with the best contactless payment solutions for various POS terminals.

Available in Single Card Sleeve, PET Sleeve, Bi-fold secure wallet designs


When it comes to flat card personalisation, there is no room for error or doubt with Astra Graphics. Our durable Astra graphics technology enables you to bring your imagination to life with a level of quality and consistency that will help your brand communicate more confidently and effectively.


  • Guaranteed life of 3-5 years for embedded personalisation
  • Embedded personalisation does not leave dents on the card
  • Eradicates the problem of fading numbers
  • Better Visibility, Better USER experience
  • Can be provided in Vertical and Horizontal orientation
  • Certified by Visa and Mastercard

Other Personalisation Methods
Services include embossing, indenting, laser, DOD (Drop on Demand) and thermal technology

ASTRA DESIGN ADVISORY SERVICES - Adding value to your brand

We are happy to serve you with Astra 360-degree tailored design advisory services, including

  • Design Management
  • Print Samples
  • 3D view Soft Sampling
  • Card Layout Structuring
  • Unique Collateral Packaging

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