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ISO sim cards are equivalent to regular SIMs adhering to the ISO/IEC 7810:2003 ID-1 Standard reference. All ISO sims are full-sized (85.6mm X 53.98mm X 0.71mm) and come in three plug formats: Standard SIM, MicroSIM and NanoSIM.

Sizes are also available in Half ISO card along with Quarter ISO card based formats and including 2FF/3FF/4FF plugs.

eSIM solutions for seamless management of eUICC cards

Our eSIM functionalities fully exploit the 4G capability to provide a seamless user experience. The eSIM profile is coded directly into the smart card, simplifying operations for device manufacturers and service providers.

Consumer devices

Our innovative eSIM solutions aim to put your customers in real-time control of seamlessly managing mobile data consumption.

IoT Devices

Our eSIM solutions focus on enhancing optimization with automatic identification and linkage with IoT devices like computers, wearables and tablets.

M2M Devices

Our eSim solutions enable businesses to manage remotely connected objects with high-end security and absolute precision, thereby reducing the overall cost of record maintenance.

Design-to-issuance solutions for Multi sim pack & recharge voucher

We are happy to help you explore uniquely tailored SIM & Packaging solutions inclusive of design based services in globally accepted formats.