In the digital era, cutting edge technological progress is rapidly evolving to offer robust solutions to everyday human challenges. Digitized solutions are the new norm – and as ‘smart’ tech transforms, so does our need as a society. Convenience & security is key to existence. Ensuring security and personalization at its best, the smart ID card market is booming at an exponential rate. Since 2020, the transition in the ID card market is evident, as more businesses transition from manual systems to smart electronic solutions. At present, ID card systems go beyond identification; they are an effective tool in organizing valuable information and maintaining transparency for the user and government or business institutes.

Types of ID card Solutions

The range of ID card solutions covers a spectrum of personal and professional authentication records. Personal identification like voter ID, Passport, Driving License etc., are vital documents that not only verify a person’s existence but are indispensable for various official paper works.

Earlier the impending threat to these documents was authenticity. But the new age id card designs have revolutionized the protection factor with high-end security features like Hidden UV, Micro-text and biometrics, making real-time authentication a cakewalk. In addition, zero paperwork and reduced verification time has not only scaled the preference for these new-age Ids but has made them invaluable.

New-Age IDs and Applications
National ID Card

Several countries have elevated their national documentation into smart card systems. For example, Aadhar Card of India is the most extensive biometric ID system in the world. Other ID cards like passport and driver’s licenses and necessary documentation are also being digitized using high quality engineered materials to ensure maximum authentication and security of the citizens.

Healthcare ID Card

These ID Card solutions offer multiple benefits by allowing individuals to obtain lab reports, medications, and diagnoses from verified doctors and healthcare professionals. In addition, these health IDs are designed to manage multiple databases and track patients’ history, billing details, and other important information. 

Professional ID Card

Generally, professional ID card solutions include employee badges, visitor IDs, corporate credit account cards. These cards are prepared with many security features and offer access control of different secured areas in any professional setup. 

Educational ID Card

In schools, universities or other educational institutions, ID cards are beneficial in maintaining seamless track records, transparency and significant data. Student and management ID cards are usually used as smart cards in universities for cashless payments (in food outlets, bookstores etc.), access control (to student lodging, libraries, or laboratory), and to maintain authenticity for identification proof. 

Various industries recognize the convenience and robust security measures of Smart ID cards and their multipurpose approach from identification, payments, healthcare, transportation, welfare, tax, and much more. The Krypt Series of Identity Managed Services offer all-inclusive digitized ID services using the latest technological solutions. To learn more about hi-tech smart card solutions, stay tuned to read our next blog!

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